Academic Catalog

MTA and General Education Courses

The following GOCC courses satisfy the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) requirements or GOCC’s General Education (GenEd) requirements. 

Course Code MTA Eligible General Education Category
ALH-252 No Yes Social Science
ANTH-201 Yes Yes Social Science
ART-100 Yes Yes Humanities
ART-220 Yes Yes Humanities
ART-221 Yes Yes Humanities
BIO-101 Yes Yes Natural Science
BIO-110 Yes Yes Natural Science
BIO-120 Yes Yes Natural Science
BIO-121 Yes Yes Natural Science
BIO-122 Yes Yes Natural Science
BIO-230 Yes Yes Natural Science
BUS-105 No Yes Mathematics
BUS-205 No Yes Mathematics
CHEM-130 Yes Yes Natural Science
CHEM-133 Yes Yes Natural Science
CHEM-134 Yes Yes Natural Science
CHEM-210 Yes Yes Natural Science
CHEM-211 Yes Yes Natural Science
COM-110 Yes Yes Communications, Humanities
COM-150 Yes Yes Communications, Humanities
ECON-203 Yes Yes Social Science
ECON-204 Yes Yes Social Science
ENG-121 Yes Yes English Composition, Communications
ENG-122 Yes Yes English Composition, Communications
ENG-126 Yes Yes English Composition, Communications
ENG-226 Yes Yes English Composition, Communications
ENG-201 Yes Yes Humanities
ENG-233 Yes Yes Humanities
ENG-234 Yes Yes Humanities
GEOG-142 Yes Yes Natural Science
GEOL-145 Yes Yes Natural Science
HIST-101 Yes Yes Humanities, Social Science
HIST-102 Yes Yes Humanities, Social Science
HIST-201 Yes Yes Social Science
HIST-202 Yes Yes Social Science
HIST-204 Yes Yes Social Science
HUM-101 Yes Yes Humanities
LNG-110 No Yes Humanities
LNG-112 No Yes Humanities
LNG-125 No Yes Humanities
LNG-161 Yes Yes Humanities
LNG-162 Yes Yes Humanities
LNG-163 Yes Yes Humanities
LNG-261 Yes Yes Humanities
MATH-101 Yes Yes Mathematics
MATH-104 No Yes Mathematics
MATH-109 No Yes Mathematics
MATH-117 Yes Yes Mathematics
MATH-119 No Yes Mathematics
MATH-151 Yes Yes Mathematics
MATH-161 Yes Yes Mathematics
MATH-162 Yes Yes Mathematics
MATH-201 Yes Yes Mathematics
MUS-150 Yes Yes Humanities
PHIL-210 Yes Yes Humanities, Social Science
PHIL-230 Yes Yes Humanities
PHYS-144 Yes Yes Natural Science
PHYS-251 Yes Yes Natural Science
PHYS-253 Yes Yes Natural Science
PSI-110 Yes Yes Social Science
PSI-111 Yes Yes Social Science
PSY-101 Yes Yes Social Science
PSY-210 Yes Yes Social Science
PSY-220 Yes Yes Social Science
PSY-250 Yes Yes Social Science
PSY-260 Yes Yes Social Science
REL-231 Yes Yes Humanities
REL-233 Yes Yes Humanities
SOC-120 Yes Yes Social Science
SOC-121 Yes Yes Social Science
SOC-220 Yes Yes Social Science