Academic Catalog

Withdrawal Policy


A student finding it necessary to withdraw from the college must file an official withdrawal form with the Registrar’s Office.  Failure to obtain office release can result in failing grades in all subjects from which the student fails to withdraw, and deprivation of tuition refund privileges in effect at the time of withdrawal.

All students are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to meet with their instructor/professor prior to withdrawing from any class.

Upon official voluntary withdrawal from the college, grades are assigned according to the effective date of withdrawal as follows:

  1. If withdrawal is made during the first 10% of the academic period, no grade is recorded.
  2. Following the first 10% of the academic period and not to exceed (40%) 90% of the total academic period, a student will receive an automatic “W”
  3. During the final 10% of an academic period, a “W” will not be issued.

Note:  A “W” will not be calculated as part of the student’s grade point average (GPA)

Adopted by Board of Trustees 1/13/93, revised 9/14/05, reviewed 9/17/14, revised 4/13/2017.