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Open Entry/Open Exit

Open Entry/Open Exit (OE/OE)

Registration Completion

OE/OE classes provide an alternative to traditional classroom learning. They are a convenient and flexible way to gain college credits. Students complete modules depending on their needs and educational goals. Students work in the labs at their own pace and there are no regularly scheduled classes.

Students who wish to use financial aid to pay for their Open Entry course are asked to refer to the section called “Special Note Regarding Financial Aid Students.”

Students must engage in at least one instructional activity within the first two weeks of enrolling in the course to maintain academic progress. After that, students should work to complete the coursework as quickly as they are able. Students are asked to maintain communications with their instructors at least every two weeks.

Students who wish to enroll in an OE/OE program must take the following steps:

  1. Student completes an Application for Admissions
  2. Students wishing to use financial aid will need to complete the FAFSA at and complete the financial aid process, which includes returning all necessary paperwork.
  3. Student completes Accuplacer testing.
  4. Student must complete the New Student Orientation. He or she may sign up for a group orientation if one is available, or he/she may contact admissions to set up an appointment for an online orientation that must be completed in the student services office.
  5. Student meets with an advisor - the advisor will discuss things with the student and refer them to the instructor for advising if he or she come to the college with previously taken courses or experience.
  6. The instructor will fill out a form stating the student is ready to register. Student will bring this form to Registration.
  7. Student registers for modules/classes. The student will not be allowed to register unless he/she turn in a signed form from the instructor. Registration must be completed in person. Online registration will not be allowed for the open entry/open exit program.
  8. Student obtains student ID from student services.
  9. Student will have 48 hours from the time of registration to enroll in a payment plan or to pay for his or her tuition and fees in full as college policy dictates. A student who registers late in the semester will be advised to enroll in the next semester in order to take advantage of the payment plan. Otherwise, the student will be required to pay in full. (This is for students who do not have a third party paying his or her tuition and fees)
  10. Student is directed to contact his or her instructor(s) to get his/her module and class information and his/her online course material, if needed.
  11. If a student chooses to drop the class, he or she must do so in person in the Registration Office. Online de-registration will not be allowed for the OE/OE program (refer to the section labeled “Dropping an OE/OE Course”).
  12. A student will be responsible for the tuition and fees charges for any class he or she fail to demonstrate academic progress in and they do not drop the class prior to the designated drop period.


OE/OE courses are graded on a credit/no credit basis. If an OE/OE course is not completed by the end of the semester in which the student is enrolled, students will receive an In-Process (IP) at the end of the semester. Sufficient academic progress toward completion will determine if a student is eligible for an IP or will receive a failing grade. Students, therefore, must satisfy requirements as outlined in the module syllabus for continued progress before an IP will be awarded. If an IP is awarded, students will be given until the end of the following semester to complete the coursework. If a student does not complete the coursework by the end of the following semester, they will receive a “NC” for no credit earned.

Students will not be allowed to register for any further courses until all IP courses have been completed.

Dropping an OE/OE Course

Students who register for an OE/OE course by the last day to add courses for the semester, may drop the course according to the published semester drop date. OE/OE courses registered for after the full semester’s last day to add may be dropped within five business days of the posted registration. Students may only drop the course in person in the Registration Office.