Academic Catalog

Course Descriptions

Using this catalog successfully means understanding how it’s supposed to serve you.
Course Descriptions are written as follows:

  • All courses within a particular discipline are grouped (i.e.: Accounting courses).
  • The title line includes a 3 or 4 letter prefix (i.e.: ACCT ), plus a 3-4 digit number indicating the level of the course (i.e.: 100 or 200 level), plus the course name, then the credit hours and contact hours1.
  • After the title line is the body or course description, the narrative describing course content.
  • Finally, after the course description is italicized type giving the prerequisite(s) for the course. If there is a prerequisite, it is listed; if one is not listed, there is none.

A credit hour equals one hour/week in class for 15 weeks; a contact hour equals the time instructors spend in the classroom (used to calculate tuition/fees).