Academic Catalog

Economics (ECON)

4 credit hours4 contact hours (4 Lecture Hours Per Week) 

Introductory course in economics. This course builds upon the qualitative aspects of terminology, formulas and models to the quantitative application of these concepts. The four types of competition: perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly, will be covered in depth. Influential components of the U.S. market, such as labor, unions, wages and income distribution, will give the student a sound foundation toward understanding our complex economy.

Requisite(s): Placement beyond or satisfactory completion of ENG-073 and test into MATH-117 
4 credit hours4 contact hours (4 Lecture Hours Per Week) 

This course is a continuation of Microeconomic. A shift from single businesses to the inter-relationship between businesses, consumers and investors will be covered. The aggregate economy will also see the effects of government spending, taxation,inflation, fiscal and monetary policy. This inter-relationship will be expanded to the global economy and the United States' role in this economy through international trade and financing.

Requisite(s): Must complete ECON-203