Academic Catalog

Physics (PHYS)

4 credit hours5 contact hours (3 Lecture/2 Lab Hours Per Week) 
Introductory laboratory based astronomy course for those who desire an exploratory experience covering a wide range of astronomical topics. The course coverage will include: our solar system, starts, constellations, galaxies and theories of the universe. The theory and use of astronomical telescopes will be a prominent part of the course. *4 credit hours/5 billed contact hours*
Requisite(s): Placement beyond or satisfactory completion of ENG-073 
Fee: $0.00 
5 credit hours7 contact hours (4 Lecture/3 Lab Hours Per Week) 
This is the first semester of calculus-based physics that covers the laws of motion, work and energy. *5 credit hours/7 contact hours*
Requisite(s): Must Complete MATH-161 
Fee: $60.00 
5 credit hours7 contact hours (4 Lecture/3 Lab Hours Per Week) 
A continuation of PHYS-251 Physics I. Included are topics in heat, electricity, magnetism, light and elements of modern physics. *5 credit hours/7 billed contact hours*
Requisite(s): Must complete PHYS-251 
Fee: $60.00 
2 credit hours2 contact hours (2 Lecture Hours Per Week) 
The Physical Science Research Project is a capstone experience in the Physical Sciences for the student seeking an Associate of Science Degree. In this course the student will pose a question or problem in physical science, design and conduct an experiment or investigation, report the results of their experiment or investigation to an appropriate student-level publication or present their results at a student-level science conference. The course will allow the student to bring together their college course experiences in science, mathematics and communications while pursuing advanced work in an area of their own interest. A departmental exam covering skills learned in the science core will be administered at the end of this course.
Requisite(s): Permission of instructor/professor 
Fee: $135.00