Academic Catalog

Technology (TECH)

3 credit hours3 contact hours (3 Field Experience Hours Per Week) 

A course designed to give on-the-job experience that is commensurate with the student's career objectives. It is intended to provide the student with a practical, experiential learning situation in a supervised professional work environment. Internships vary in length but are normally for one semester after 75% of coursework is completed. Required are 135 hours of on-the-job experience plus participation in a supplementary blackboard seminar. Some programs of study require an internship placement and others recommend it as en elective. Students usually arrange for their own internships. Contact the counseling office for more information. Prerequisite: 75% of coursework completed in the students major and a GPA of 2.5 or better. Students wishing to start an internship need to apply. Note: Automotive students are expected to have their own tools.