Academic Catalog

Advanced Standing

(Policy 3.07)

Advanced Standing or a “course waiver” means there are reasons which have been accepted for the student to be excused from taking a course specifically identified in the student’s program of study. 

Advanced standing permits the student to select advanced course only and does not grant college credit for any courses which may be bypassed.  In all cases, the degree requirements regarding total credit hours remain as stated in the catalog and students are required to elect other courses to replace those courses waived in order to meet graduation requirements.

All requests for advanced standing should be made to the Vice-President of Academics prior to the period of enrollment in the advanced class.

Criteria for eligibility for advanced standing include:

  1. Extensive training or experience in industry or business in a particular field.  A portfolio of work experience will be evaluated upon request.
  2. Completion of a specialized high school program in the specific area advanced standing is requested.
  3. Completion of an approved training course or program in a branch of the military service, which is the same or equivalent to a course offered at Glen Oaks Community College.

The Vice-President of Academics may require examples of work, a proficiency test, or the student to meet with a subject matter expert in the area that advanced standing is requested.  In all cases, the Vice-President of Academics will advise the Registrar of his/her decision and copies of the request and decision will be placed in the student's personal file.

Adopted by Board of Trustees July 1992, revised 9/14/05, 9/17/14, 1/20, revised 4/13/23