Academic Catalog

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy Statement

Policy 2.60


Glen Oaks Community College is committed to a policy of providing equal access to education and employment  for all persons regardless of race, national origin, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability (physical or mental), veteran status, status as a parent, or genetic information, or other status as protected by law.

Equal employment opportunity is a legal, social and economic responsibility of the college and is provided in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and Glen Oaks Community College policy. The college policy and practice at all levels assures the active and positive implementation of federal and state equal employment opportunity laws, executive orders, rules and regulations and college equal employment opportunity policies and guidelines.

The college prohibits retaliation or reprisals against any individual because she/he has filed a complaint or report, participated in an investigation, or otherwise opposed unlawful discrimination.


This nondiscrimination policy applies to admissions, employment, and access to college programs and activities. This policy applies to all persons employed by Glen Oaks Community College, enrolled as a student, seeking admission to the college, requesting employment at, or having contracts with the college.


The college is committed to and reaffirms support of equal opportunity in employment, education, and non-discrimination in employment and academic policies, practices and procedures and will examine periodically all employment and academic policies for discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, veterans status, or other protected status and take remedial action to correct such discrimination if it is found to exist.

The college values diversity and seeks talented students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. The college does not discriminate in the administration of educational policies, programs or activities; admissions policies; scholarship and loan awards; or other college administered programs or employment.

Failure to follow this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or expulsion. 

Adopted by Board of Trustees September 14, 1983, revised June 12, 2001, October 13, 2004, November 14, 2007, and June 11, 2014.