Academic Catalog

Children on Campus

Policy 3.55

To protect the safety of young visitors and to avoid disruptive behavior, young children accompanying employees, students or visitors of Glen Oaks Community College must be under the constant supervision of a responsible adult while on Glen Oaks property. This means, specifically, that there must be an unobstructed line-of-sight between the child (or children) and the adult responsible for their care.  Children who are taking part in organized, scheduled activities, minors who have been admitted to Glen Oaks Community College, and dual enrolled high school students, may be on campus without adult supervision.  In all other cases, minor children, however, must remain under the constant supervision of their parent or adult guardian while on GOCC property.  Minor children should not be brought into classrooms, laboratories, or other areas of instruction without prior approval.  Should the student-parent experience an emergency where there is no other option but to bring the child to campus, classroom faculty or the administrative heads of other units will determine if the child may be allowed to quietly sit in the classroom or with the student-parent in some other location.  A child will be removed from the setting if his or her presence is determined to be disruptive to the learning process. 

The College does not allow children to be left unattended on our property due to security and child welfare concerns.  Parents who have problems with childcare should visit the Student Services Office to receive referrals to childcare services in the area. 

8/2013, reviewed 9/2014