Academic Catalog

Bulletin Board/Digital Messaging Policy

Policy 3.46

Employees and/or students wishing to have printed flyers, posters, or digital signage from internal or external groups posted on the GOCC posting areas must request approval.  Approval can be given by Executive Associate to President (President’s Office), Executive Director of Communications & Marketing (Administrative Office area), Assistant to Executive Director of Communications & Marketing (Marketing Office), or Vice-President of Students (Student Services). 

Appropriate Content Includes:

GOCC-sponsored events and activities, student organization events or fundraisers, speakers, theatre performances, and educational opportunities.  Also included will be information from outside organizations that would be of interest to the general GOCC community.  Only registered organizations, campus governance units, academic units, campus departments/offices and College committees will be allowed to display content of the digital signage system

Inappropriate Content includes but is not limited to:

Content that includes references to the sale or consumption of alcohol or other drugs will not be approved for display.  Content that promotes or condones behavior that violates college policies, or local, state, or federal law will not be approved for display.  Advertisement of commercial products is prohibited.  Content that infringes on the copyrighted or trademarked works of others will not be approved for display. Unapproved postings or obscene materials will be immediately removed.


Typical printed signs are 8 ½” x 11” and can be either vertical or horizontal layout.  Printed literature will be reviewed, and if it meets criteria it will be stamped “APPROVED” and can be posted on boards throughout the college.  Materials are to be removed AFTER their event date (if applicable) or every three months. 

There are ten official approved areas for posting printed materials:  1) Administration Hallway, 2) Main Elevator Entryway, 3) Main Elevator, 4) Tech Wing Entryway, 5) Tech Wing Elevator, 6) Learning Common Entryway, 7) D-Wing, 8) D-Wing Elevator, 9) G-Wing, and 10) Devier Student Suites.


Digital messaging request must meet format requirements:  1440 pixels wide by 810 pixels high (this translates to 11” wide by 6.1” high), NOT be on solid red background, and be in JPG format and be submitted minimum of five (5) days prior to first date content is to be displayed on signage system.  Solid red background will be reserved for EMERGENCY communications ONLY. 

Digital message requests can be submitted to Val Juergens – vjuergens@glenoaks.ed, Eric Connelly – or Lauren Weiderman –

There are ten official approved areas for digital images to be displayed:  1) Administrative Hallway, 2) Student Services, 3) Concourse – Stage, 4) Concourse – Gaming Area, 5) Learning Commons, 6) 4th floor E-Wing, 7) Gymnasium Entryway, 8) D-Wing, 9) G-Wing Study Area, and 10) Devier Student Suites.

July 1992, revised July 2002, revised 9/14/05, reviewed 9/17/14, revised 11/12/2020