Academic Catalog

Veteran's Benefits

Students who plan to use Veterans Benefits must take the following actions each semester:

  1. Notify the Financial Aid Office of their intent to enroll,
  2. Meet with a VA academic advisor and provide the Financial Aid Office with an academic advising form.

Applying for Veterans Benefits

First-Time Applicants

  1. Complete an Application for benefits online at:
  2. Submit a certified copy of a DD-214 (veterans) or an original DD Form 2384 - Notice of Basic Eligibility (reserves).
  3. Submit copies of training completion certificates. All military training received by the veteran must be evaluated by the Registrar’s Office for college credit.
    (See Transfer Credit for Armed Forces Educational Experience, pg. 54).
  4. Request official grade transcripts from all previously attended colleges (must come directly from the college to Glen Oaks).

Transfer Applicants

If the student has received Veterans Benefits for attendance at another college, he/she must:

  1. Complete the VA Form 22-1995, Change of Program or Place of Training, online at
  2. Request official grade transcripts from all colleges previously attended.
  3. Students should contact the Joint Services Transcript Website at: and request their military transcripts be sent to Glen Oaks. 

Nelnet Deferred Payment Plan

Veterans must enroll in the Nelnet Deferred Payment Plan for Veterans each semester they register. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information and enrollment instructions.

Maximum Hours

Veterans may be certified for a maximum of 62 hours (the exception being the prior approval of a change of program by the Veterans Administration). This includes any credits earned for military courses training, attendance at other institutions, CLEP scores, etc. accepted for Glen Oaks credit.


Recipients of Veterans Benefits are to notify the Financial Aid Office immediately of any withdrawals or incompletes.

Reporting Changes

After the veteran has enrolled, it is his or her responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office of:

  1. Changes in training programs or credit hour class load, and/or
  2. Withdrawals from college.

Veterans may be held liable for any overpayment benefits as the result of failure to report such changes. Note: Veterans Certification - Veterans are certified when all documentation required by VA has been received and you have met with the VA advisor. It usually takes 6-8 weeks before benefits are received.

Standards of Progress for Veterans Benefits

Students certified to receive Veterans Educational Benefits are required to maintain a cumulative GPA which meets or exceeds that required for graduation (2.0). Students who fail to meet this minimum standard are placed on probation for a maximum of one semester. If the student’s cumulative GPA is still below 2.0, he or she will no longer be certified for Veterans Benefits.

Students may re-apply for Veterans Benefits when they have met the minimum standards for at least one enrollment period prior to the period for which they are applying. The Financial Aid Office may also approve recertification in documented special circumstances.

Veterans are hereby informed that failure to meet the Standards of Progress will be reported to the Veterans Administration. Recipients of Veterans Benefits will be notified by mail when they are not in compliance with the Standards of Progress.