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Learning Commons

Learning Commons

The E.J. Shaheen Learning Commons is a central repository for academic support services. It includes:

  • Library
  • Tutoring
  • Testing
  • GOCC Archives

Fall/Winter Hours:
Monday – Thursday 7:45 AM -8:00 PM
Friday 7:45 AM – 4:00 PM

Summer Hours:
Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Closed Fridays

Note: Hours may be reduced when classes are not in session or due to special events.

Step into the vibrant heart of learning at the E.J. Shaheen Learning Commons. A dynamic hub where
students, faculty, and the community converge to explore, create, and collaborate. From its inviting
atmosphere to its cutting-edge resources, the Learning Commons is designed to support diverse
learning styles and foster academic success.

Discover a world of knowledge within its walls, where books line the shelves alongside state-of-the-art
technology. Whether you seek quiet study spaces for focused concentration or lively group discussions,
the Learning Commons offers a variety of environments to suit your needs. Expert staff are on hand to
provide personalized research assistance, guiding you through our physical materials and databases.
But the Learning Commons is more than just a repository of information; it's a space for innovation and
discovery. Engage in hands-on learning experiences through interactive workshops and multimedia labs,
and maker spaces. Collaborate with peers on projects that push the boundaries of creativity and

In addition to academic resources, the Learning Commons provides comprehensive support services.
Need help preparing for exams? Take advantage of our tutoring services staffed by experienced mentors
who are dedicated to helping you succeed. Struggling with a particular subject? Our tutors offer one-on-
one assistance tailored to your learning style and pace. 

Beyond tutoring, the Learning Commons offers testing services to ensure that you're ready to excel in
your coursework. From placement exams to standardized tests, our testing center provides a secure and
comfortable environment for assessment, allowing you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills with

Beyond academics, the Learning Commons serves as a center for community engagement, hosting
events and activities that inspire dialogue and reflection. It's a place where lifelong learners come
together to explore new ideas, broaden their horizons, and ignite their passions.

Whether you're a first-year student embarking on your academic journey or a seasoned scholar seeking
new avenues of inquiry, the Learning Commons welcomes you to join in the pursuit of knowledge,
connection, and growth.