Academic Catalog

Learning Outcomes

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Learning is the central dimension of your college experience.  Your education comes through the courses you take in the formal curriculum and from the co-curricular experiences you have beyond the classroom.  At GOCC, both the curriculum and the co-curriculum are designed to help you learn to think critically, communicate effectively, recognize diverse perspectives, and exhibit information competently.  Each of these learning outcomes is assessed in your courses and in your student activities to ensure that you gain the full benefit of your education at Glen Oaks. 

Our students will think critically:

  • Analyze information beyond their opinions and beliefs, and be able to recognize bias.
  • Translate theory into practice and apply prior knowledge to new situations.
  • Locate needed information, know when it is necessary to do so, and judge source credibility.
  • Solve problems logically.

Our students will exhibit information competency:

  • Determine the extent of information needed in order to accomplish a specific purpose.
  • Know where and how to find and appropriately use sources and information.
  • Evaluate the credibility and relevance of sources.
  • Know how to legally and ethically use sources and information.
  • Retain an objective stance.

Our students will communicate effectively:

  • Express themselves orally, in writing and visually.
  • Express beliefs, thoughts and actions in a manner that is understood by participants.
  • Be active listeners.
  • Convey reasoning and understanding in a clear, convincing and precise manner in a given discipline.

Our students will recognize diverse perspectives:

  • Our students will be able to recognize their own worldview.
  • Our students will be able to recognize others’ worldviews.