Academic Catalog


The application for admission will be used to determine a student’s legal residence. A student will be charged tuition based on the above residency determination.

Any student desiring to change his/her legal residence may do so by providing any two of the following: voter registration card, Secretary of State identification card, driver’s license, place of residence property tax receipt or rent receipt (indicating mailing address) to the Registrar’s Office and completing the necessary form.

If a student changes residence and wishes to receive a refund for the difference between service area or out-of-district tuition and in-district tuition, the student must establish resident status within 10% of the academic period for the semester in which the refund is requested. In addition, it is the student’s responsibility to prove residency through the Registrar’s Office and get refund through the Cashier’s Office within the 10% period.

Students residing in on-campus housing, including international students, will be charged the In-District tuition rate.

Any student may be asked to furnish verification of residency status.
Failure to comply could result in a service area or out-of-district status determination.


A resident or in-district student is a student who resides within the Glen Oaks Community College District. This district includes all of St. Joseph County (Michigan) plus areas outside the county that pay property taxes to Glen Oaks Community College. Persons owning property or a qualified dependent of a person owning property in St. Joseph County (according to IRS) are eligible for In-District tuition rates (may be asked to show copy of the property tax statement to the Registrar’s Office at the time of registration).

Service Area

Service-area residents include Branch, Calhoun, Cass and Kalamazoo residents in Michigan and residents in Elkhart, LaGrange, Steuben and St. Joseph Counties in Indiana.

In-State (State of Michigan)

This category includes students who live outside both the Glen Oaks District and its service area.


This category includes students who live outside of the State of Michigan and outside the College service area.

High School Students

High school students, regardless of residence, even if outside of Michigan, will receive the In-District tuition rate.

International Students

A foreign student in this country on a student visa is considered to be an International Student, unless he or she becomes a U.S. Citizen or is a Resident Alien.

Residency Policy for Programs Offered by and for Business and Industry

For those students who are participating in programs which are offered and designed for industry located in the district and where the industry is paying the tuition directly to the college, residency will be considered that of the participating student. Where the individual student is paying tuition, residency will be that of the student.