Academic Catalog

Student Policies - General

Policy 3.51

  1. A student who is indebted to the college and who fails to make satisfactory settlement of this indebtedness may be dismissed. A student who has prior unsettled indebtedness to the college may not register in any new semester. During the period in which the indebtedness remains unsettled, no evidence of attendance or other official credentials may be obtained from the college. It is important that there be strict enforcement of this policy by the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services and Vice President of Student Services.
  2. All students are expected to meet the normal health standards that are necessary for a successful pursuit of college work. Faculty members should notify the Vice President of Academics if it is noted that a student needs medical services.
  3. It is against the school policy for a sales representative to call upon students on college property.
  4. Social, professional and other student organizations are permitted where approved by the administration. Securing a Faculty sponsor is the responsibility of all approved organizations. Without a sponsor, the organization may not convene.
  5. All student publications eligible for distribution on campus are to be authorized by the President and will be assigned an official faculty advisor. Violation of this policy will subject a student to suspension from school.
  6. Smoking is permitted only in the parking lot(s) within private vehicles located on the campus. (Please refer to Policy 2.51)

July 1992, revised July 2002, revised 9/14/05, 9/17/14
(Position titles updated 1/2020.)